Comm Pros And Cons

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Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) are a great addition to the medical world. This alternative grants individuals the ability to make their own decisions with their medical issues. By drawing on the authors Warren et al, Armstrong and Armstrong, the film Alternative Fix, and lectures by Shelley Z. Reuter, I can illustrate their main points regarding stakeholders, the private versus the public healthcare system and the struggle of CAMs within Sociology of Health and Medicine. All in all, the main premise is to exemplify two things; how CAMs ensure that the patient’s sense of self, identity, knowledge, and power are all well cared for, widely recognized, and respected and to illustrate that combining both traditional medicine and CAMs are an effective course of action. …show more content…
Illness can come with a great deal of uncertainty, pain, and discomfort which leaves patients feeling like they have lost control of their lives. Traditional medicine offers strategies to people with illnesses to manage their symptoms, but this requires patients to submit themselves to the authority of medicine. This caused issues with patients because they felt that they were not active participants and equal in the decisions about their health. This is why CAMs are so controversial, patients began using these alternative methods to re-establish their independence, maintain their responsibilities and take control of their pain management and care (Warren et al. 2012, 324). The following will describe who is involved and affected by this course of

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