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Religion is something many people look to for guidance, many people ignore and others believe so strongly that it results in bloody conflict and wars. As a result of Christianity being the farthest spread religion in the world, it has surely had its fair share of conflicts. One of the largest arguments involving Christianity is whether Jesus was God, or whether he was just a man. Though both sides can each be argued using historical evidence, science and the Bible, in the end it’s believed to come down to faith.
Although there is uncertainty about Jesus’ work, miracles and teaching, his pure existence is an inarguable fact. This truth resides in the historical evidence that declares Jesus was born, baptised by John and his crucifixion and
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Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and worked wondrous miracles thought to be only capable by a God, or a sorcerer. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, the Messiah and to be at one with his Father. However many still cannot believe this. This is mostly because of the miracles he performed such as bringing people back to life, healing the sick and making the blind see. These miracles are viewed as sceptical due to the inability to use scientific evidence to prove that they were possible. In Jesus’ time and still in the 21st century, it is highly improbable that these miracles could occur and as a result he was labelled as a sorcerer. This combined with the radically increasing technology of the 21st century, allows non-believers to struggle to understand that miracles like Jesus’ could have occurred. Currently, our society bases the truth and facts on their ability to be proved historically and scientifically. However in the case of Jesus miracles, this is not possible and reinforces the possibility that Jesus was simply just a man and not the Messiah he claimed to be. The stories about Jesus are also doubted due to the oral traditions in which they were passed down through. In Jesus’ time, there was no technology and most people could rarely read and write. This meant that it was common tradition to tell stories and pass them down as a means of communication. This is how stories of Jesus and his miracles/work were passed down and how word spread about him. During his time, this was a common, reliable practice and was most effective in recounting events and teaching about them. However, nowadays this system of practice can be seen ineffectively used through the game Chinese whispers, where even simple sentences can be changed dramatically as they are passed down. Also, as the increase of technology surpasses time spent talking with family and friends, many people find it hard to believe that stories about Jesus

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