The Pros And Cons Of Cannabis

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You have been misunderstood all this time. It’s not what you perceive it to be. A label cast upon it by the government, shadowed by society, labeled as a schedule 1 drug. A drug considered to be as dangerous as Heroin, Meth and many others of its classification. A drug whom is perceived to obtain no medical value; Cannabis. Cannabis was known to have a medicinal value since 1906. Cannabis has been in existence more than most pharmaceuticals, and has caused not a death. Yet it continues to be outlawed. Cannabis can virtually replace most forms of treatment for basic medical needs and those of which are far greater. However, you still perceive Cannabis to be the horrible drug it 's labeled to be. So let me tell you about Mykayla Comstock. Mykayla …show more content…
Colorado is one of 4 states, which has legalized recreational Cannabis. Throughout the 18 months of recreational Cannabis sales, the state of Colorado has estimated $184 million in tax revenue. The state of Colorado is putting $40 million of the tax revenue towards construction of schools, $85 million towards youth prevention and substance abuse treatment, $12.4 million towards public health, $3 million towards law enforcement and $2 million towards industry oversight. CNN Money has provided this information. Coupled with the fact that Cannabis gave back to the community is beyond recognition. Some may think it 's ironic that the sales of recreational Cannabis have supported youth prevention and substance abuse treatment. Some may think it 's ironic simply because they continue perceive Cannabis as the schedule 1 drug the government has labeled it, simply because they chose see Cannabis through the thick shadow society has cast upon it. It 's ironic because they have failed to open their …show more content…
Most notable it saved the life of the young leukemia victim. Dying in her deathbed, Cannabis was the hero, Cannabis was the miracle drug. Cannabis is not what you perceive it to be.
The American people need to note that there is a change.There 's a revolution. It 's happening before your eyes. As Cannabis cures the life of many, bring millions of dollars to the states you have legalized it. Legalizing Cannabis would solve many of our problems. This is a step into the right direction.
As time flies by, people are still going to continue to use Cannabis regardless of whether or not it 's legalized. Cannabis is not a gateway drug, it’s not a schedule 1 drug. It’s time to take a new direction into the war on drugs.Time to take notice of the real problems that face our country, and to alleviate the one’s that are not worth fighting for. Cannabis is not what you think it is, its takes to take open our mindset and accept that Cannabis is not what it’s perceived. Now is the time to legalize

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