Analysis Of The Controversy Over Marijuana

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Controversy over Marijuana

When you hear the word Marijuana also known as Cannabis, what comes to mind, an illegal recreational drug or a medicine? Its existence goes back as far as 7000 B.C.; it was not until the early 1900’s when marijuana was used as a recreational drug. Thereby, generating an ongoing controversy about its use in society since. Marijuana is a drug that has negative effects if consumed in excess, but has also had medicinal benefits for certain individuals who suffer from various ailments. In the 1600s, colonists in Virginia and Massachusetts, used cannabis to produce hemp fiber to create clothing and twine. In 1850, the drug was even included in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia and recognized as legitimate medicine. As a matter
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This medication helps diminish side effects of treatments such as severe nausea, vomiting and is used as an appetite stimulant for anorexia. Taking Dronabinol has its own side effects which include difficulty concentrating, drowsiness, irritability, dizziness, and distorted vision. On the nervous system, its effects can include anxiety/nervousness, euphoria, hallucination, paranoid reaction, and abnormal thinking. Marijuana is an illegal drug that if used recklessly can cause certain levels of harm. Some short term effects include memory loss, distorted perception, and loss of motor skills. Long term effects would comprise of weakening of the immune system and increased risk of lung infections. However, there are many patients that have found tremendous relief in marijuana and have not become drug addicts. There was a powerful account for the need for this medication on the Montel Williams Show. There was a guest by the name of Debbie Jeffries. Debbie had a son who at nine months old was diagnosed with several debilitating disorders; he was at a point where he was becoming “disruptive and abusive.” At one point Jeffrey was taking fourteen different medications which had acute side effects, he was only four years old. It was suggested to Debbie to have him attempt the use of medical marijuana. Debbie was reluctant about the idea, but in order to improve her son’s quality of life she agreed. Marijuana had an immediate effect on Jeffrey. Debbie claims that within thirty minutes it was as though it was a different person. Jeffrey’s behavior improved, he was able to attend public school and was able to do many things he previously was not able to do. Jeffery’s body responded to the marijuana in a positive way. Even though marijuana was legal in their state, the DEA raided the pharmacy where it was being dispensed the agents took all of the medicine.

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