The Pros And Cons Of Attending A Sunday Mass

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I decided to attend a Sunday mass at Holy Name of Jesus for my religious experience. I decided to attend a catholic service because I know many people that are catholic, including my grandparents and a few of my close friends. I wanted to get an insight of what they practiced and how they practiced their faith in their own church community. I am not a religious person, however, I am very open to the vast religious beliefs in my community. I attended this particular church because I knew some people, catholic and non-catholic, who attended the services available and have enjoyed the experience. Before I attended the service, I talked to one of my friends that attends mass there, and she gave me a few tips. One of the most important of them was to not to …show more content…
I would definitely recommend this experience to a friend who has an open heart to different religious beliefs. I would warn them about what my friend has warned me because my experience may have been very bad if I had touched the holy water or accepted Communion and later found out that I offended many people while trying to fit in. I would also recommend them to do some research before attending mass so they know the basis of what will occur. I did not know exactly what was going to happen during mass and it distracted me a little bit from the entire experience. My overall experience while attending Sunday mass at Holy Name of Jesus in Indialantic, Florida was very positive and eye opening. I believe that I had a few misconceptions about the experience and it helped me understand the religion and people who follow it more. I hope to attend more religious experiences over time because I enjoy learning about all the different kinds of beliefs there are about a divine being and how to live your

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