Compare And Contrast Essay On Android And Apple Products

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Apple or Android? Something everyone can answer without a doubt in their mind. I unlike many others have had the opportunity to have had both types of smartphones. I have had a Droid X and an iPhone 5. Both the phones worked great and functioned well to my needs. At the time of having the Droid X and iPhone 5, I couldn’t have wanted a different type of phone. Each phone had its pros and cons, some were minor annoying things, while others were a big manufacturer problems. What makes Apple different from Android?
Which of the two are more user friendly? This is honestly a preference question. There is pros and cons to both Android and Apple products. To me one of the most annoying things about my Droid X was having to open the apps icon to only search for the app I was looking for. Compared to Apple products it is how you arrange it. If you want your business apps located on one screen you could do that or have them grouped up. It gives you more free will with how you want to have your front page. Saying that Apple products also have a fault when it comes with apps. You are not allowed to delete the pre-manufactured apps like stocks, Game Center, or
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A great example is the Apple watch. A little before the Apple Watch was announced to the public, Android came up with a similar product. Unfortunately, the product was a complete miss with the public and didn 't sell too well. Apple either already working on that type of product or used the idea from Android and sold it better to the public than Android. The Apple watch was a complete hit and the public loved the product. Not to far afterwards of the launching of the Apple watch that Android relaunched their watch and came off as copying Apple. This example doesn 't mean Apple is a copycat, but only a single example proving the theory that Android customers say about

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