Persuasive Essay On Foster Parents

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Foster parents should be more closely checked before they can foster and after have more surprise check ups after receiving a child in the U.S Not everyone is suitable to become a foster parent. For Example, “two kids on the run from a former foster mother who had bound their hands with zip ties and beat them.” Another story said that “ a lancaster foster father sexually abused two young sisters in his care. Even cases of abuse scattered through California 's privatized foster care system”, children whipped with belts, burdened with a car cigarette lighters, and traumatized by beatings and threats (Therolf). This means that the children that were abused as a child will be traumatized as they grew up. They probably might not even live a …show more content…
Children who have lost their parents can be sent to other family members or a close family friend. Before anyone is put in the foster system the government/ social worker needs to check if there is anywhere else that child can go. When a child or anyone gets abused it goes undetected (Lawrence). This shows that more children and other people can or are getting abused and they will not tell anyone. When someone gets abused its unlikely that they are going to tell someone because they think that what 's happening to them is for a reason but the truth is no one should be getting abused and no one should feel unsafe in a place where they are supposed to be safe. Children are sent to foster homes hoping that they have loving parents and a roof over their head. For most this is true but, for others it might not happen. In addition to “ the number of cases has skyrocketed- up to 3 million children are reported as suspected victims” ( Lawrence). This means that the foster homes are not actually working for some kids. The social worker who helps the kids needs to check the foster parents to make sure it is safe for the child to be there or not. The evidence that has been stated proves that many children get abused. This is why foster parents should be more closely

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