The Professional Football Players On Saudi Arabia Essay

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This essay discusses and justifies the choice of research methodology for addressing the research question developed to investigate a particular research problem of the professional football players in Saudi Arabia are not ambitious to warming up exercises. In this regards a qualitative case study (CS) methodology is chosen as the appropriate choice for addressing the research question. The discussion on methodology is based on the key characteristics of qualitative CS methodology in terms of its underpinning ontological and epistemological assumptions and broad characteristics. This will lead to the choice and justification of the data collection techniques and data analysis and finally the conclusion. The main research question that this inquiry will attempt to address is:
“Why professional football players in Saudi Arabia are not ambitious to warming up exercises”?
This essay discusses the underpinning research paradigm of CS methodology, data collection and analysis techniques that will be used to address the research question.

CS Methodology

Qualitative methodology is underpinned by the interpretivist paradigm. The interpretivist stance considers that there are multiple realities (Denzin and Lincoln 2000). Hantrais (2009) points out that the interpretivist approach relies on qualitative data. Hence, qualitative methodology is usually associated with interpretivist philosophical stance (Hantrais 2009).

Kuhn (1962) says that a paradigm constitutes the…

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