Importance Of Interview In Research

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Research methodology (continue)
Working alongside with Conversation analysis, the research selects interview as the second method to generate the data. This paper, for that selection, deals with the second key research instruments, interview. Specifically, it explains and proposes a plan for carrying out interview for the research. The section starts with discussing the advantages of interview instrument. What follows after is a brief overview and discussion around the issue of critical dimension of interview. This review helps to provide guidelines for the deployment of interview in this research. After that, the procedure of doing interview is introduced with regard to creating interview guide, question design and the proposed segments of
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These distinctive features separate interview with other research instruments such as survey or questionnaire. In survey and questionnaire, the list of questions is sent to the potential participants, which might be advantageous in terms of cost and travelling. However, the list of questions in survey or questionnaire is normally simple and designed according to a limited category in order to “maximize the reliability and validity of measurement of key concepts” (Bryman, 2004:313). The simplicity of question design in survey and questionnaire is subject to cover a large number of participants (Phellas et al., 2011). In contrast to that, the approach of interview in qualitative research is greater in generality in the formulation of the research’s idea rather than to examining a fixed set of categories. Moreover, qualitative interview is very flexible as the researcher can depart from the interview guide in order to obtain rich insights of the interviewee’s perception and opinion. Drawing from these general advantages in alignment with the consideration of the research’s purpose, qualitative interview is selected as the second useful instrument to generate data for my

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