The Professional Competence Of Nurses Essay

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The following paper analyses the professioThe following paper analyses the professional competence of nurses which refers to their cultural competency, their knowledge, and skills. The paper is broken up into five sections which discusses various topics. The topics are as follows: the impacts nurse competence has on the nursing practice, the implications it has on the health care delivery system, the impact it has on the culture of nursing, how oppression relates to nurse competence and its effect on the profession, and problem solving skills to address the possible solutions to nurse competence. A journal article titled “Enabling nursing students to become culturally competent” by Momeni, Jirwe, and Emami, (2008) was used and referenced.

A competent nurse is someone who executes their duties in a proficient and professional way, without error, and with good bedside manner. Professional competence of nurses refers to their cultural competency, their knowledge, and skills. Competence has become an important issue in today’s health care. Cultural competence is important in nursing practice because Nurses are patient advocates. In order to be a competent nurse, one must exhibit many talents such as good communication skills, intelligence, and cultural competency.
How Nurse Competence impacts the current nursing practice:
Being a competent nurse, doesn’t just depend on how much knowledge you have in the health care profession; it depends on various…

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