The Process Of Inquiry And Inquiry Based Learning

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I have always been intrigued by the idea and meaning of philosophy, however, I haven’t gotten the chance to explore the concepts revolving around the idea of philosophy, as well as the true meaning behind it prior to taking this class. Throughout the first class, by discussing amongst my peers, contributing my ideas as well as analyzing the different perspectives that my peers had revolving around the ideas of philosophy of education, I was able to get a better sense of what philosophy truly is, and how it can be linked with education. I was also able to pick up and reflect upon concepts that I haven’t critically thought about before, which are concepts such as inquiry and vulnerability, which had struck my critical thinking the most.
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Inquiry is the process of being open to making sense of the world and being aware of different or other perspectives. Growing up, I don’t remember being exposed to inquiry or inquiry based learning, especially in school. It may have been implemented a few times throughout my elementary and high school years, however, it does not leave a distinct remark in my mind. I think that inquiry and inquiry-based learning is significantly important to students, as it stresses important skill development of being able to think critically, as well as developing the mind through a healthy manner. Often, students are trapped in the notion of learning by the means of a textbook or listening to teachers lecturing, that they do not get a chance to explore the meaning and concept of inquiry and inquiry based learning. I think that inquiry is an important aspect of a child’s development and education, and I wish that I have had more opportunities to be able to experience more of it during my younger years in the education system.
 Growing up, I always struggled with speaking up and participating in class discussions. The most common comment that I would get across all of report cards from kindergarten even up until grade 12 was “needs to participate more in

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