Why Bullying Is Difficult To Be Eliminated In Schools

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Nowadays, cases of bullying in schools have been increasing and definitely this shows that it is difficult to stop these problems. According to Dr. Dan Olweus, bullying is an aggressive behaviour consists of unwanted and negative actions which are done repeatedly over time and involves an imbalance of either power or strength. National Centre Against Bullying (NCAB) states that there are four types of bullying which include physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying and cyber bullying. Physical bullying is a negative physical action that causes short term or long term damage such as beating, kicking, punching and even tripping. Next, verbal bullying such as name calling, teasing, intimidation and insults are negative actions that …show more content…
According to surveys leaded by a professor of educational psychology at the University Of Illinois, Dorothy Espelage, kids who make friends with the bullies tend to do more bullying themselves. As we know, it could be claimed that children spend most of their time in school plus they will go hanging out with friends outside school hours. Therefore, the children’s behaviour either positive or negative is undoubtedly influenced by the peers. For instance, if the friends are among of the bullies, they will start to involve in bullying by following the things that the peers are doing such as teasing, calling names, spreading rumors and isolating the targeted victims. Unfortunately, the children are unaware that it is wrong to bully the weak as they found it is exciting to have such physical experience of power. Therefore, this bullying situation will get worse in the school when the children keep doing bully and enjoying it with the peers. So, it can be concluded that influences by peers that causes bullying difficult to be eliminated in …show more content…
Sadly, most of the bullied students feel that the abuse will only get worse if they report it to the teachers or parents (Jacqueline Y. Smart). Moreover, most of the bullies have warned the victims to keep silent about the bullying situation if they don’t want the pain to be more unbearable. Therefore, being afraid of the bullies causes the victims to feel that it is safer to keep the bullying situation as a secret. In addition, the victims themselves also think that adult involvement will only make the situation gets worse. So they just keep silent and choose to suffer alone rather than reporting the bullying to anyone. Other than that, the bullied students often think that they will be looked weak if they report the bullying situation to the adult. It means that they could not protect themselves from the bullies and the other children in school may find out they are snitching and they will be looked uncool. So, it could be asserted that the silence of the bullied students themselves which makes bullying difficult to be eliminated.

In conclusion, I would like to stress that bullying is difficult to be eliminated because of poor parental affection, craving for power and control, influences of bullying behaviour by peers and the victims themselves who choose to keep silent about the bullying situation. Therefore, it could be claimed that all

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