The Problems Of Chinese Students Essay

1330 Words May 11th, 2015 6 Pages
What is more, these factors I told as my first reason all caused a very serious problem which is my second reason for my stand—under this education system, students have few spare times to do what they like to do, to learn something else or do some sports, it caused many problems. For example, because Chinese students spend most of time at school and after school they still have homework to do, they nearly have time to do sports; so, their physical quality is not good. It manifests in respects that the percentage of over-weight and fat people is increasing and more and more students show diminution of vision. And even some of university students fell in a faint and fell ill during the military training because their physical quality is bad. Besides, nowadays, more and more Chinese students are limited by studying; the only purpose for them to study is get high grades. Even some of them to learn piano or other specialty is not only for interests but help them to go to better high school or university. Lacking of alternate work with rest, less and less students can feel pleasure from studying; for them, studying is no longer an interest, the reason why they keep studying is just parents and teachers asked them to do. Besides, students do nothing but just study may let them have good ability to get great grades, but have little live skills. There is a new show that a university student doesn’t know how to wash clothes, so he sent the dirty clothes back home for 3 years and cost…

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