The Problems Associated With Translation Essay

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In this essay, the various challenges associated with translation today will be discussed in great detail through various theoretical approaches that were conducted through the years. The aim of this paper is, to validate and clincher the most substantial issues that I believe are the most problematic in translation are: fidelity, culture bound knowledge, decision making, theory and practise.
Literature Review:
Dealing with the world of translation there are a lot to learn and experience. The most problematic issues are the unprepared challenges that hold translators back in succeeding through this domain. As described by numeral scholars, ‘Translation’ as a term is considered quite controversial when it comes to be addressed in one definition. Mainly, translation was proposed as the communication of meaning by a source text (SC) as an equivalent target text (TT). Translation is an arduous job that can be used as an apparatus between two languages- cultures considered as part of human behaviour. Translation can be linked to plentiful sub-categories of function; legal, medicine, politics, economics, education, environmental, written, spoken, aural, and visual. A translator is considered as the mediator of information across languages, however such knowledge in all these domains by one translator is considered impossible.
According to Venuti (2004:154) and Leppihalme (1997:19), translation is a process that divides into three sub-categories; analysis of the source text,…

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