Essay about The Problem With The Sat

1495 Words Jun 5th, 2015 null Page
The Problem with the SAT Every day, students across the United States and beyond prepare for the SAT. These unfortunate students spend countless hours and dollars in the hopes of maximizing their scores and their futures. The SAT was designed to test a student’s academic knowledge and performance, but fails to do so today. Its credibility as an academic benchmark should be acknowledged, but the test should not be valued so highly. The SAT is far from perfect, yet high schools and colleges place much weight on it. Many prestigious universities will only accept students who have performed well on the SAT. The SAT ought to be revised or replaced in order to enable students of all types to display their academic prowess to college recruiters fairly. The SAT is valued too highly in the academic community, and its importance should be diminished. The issues of the SAT should be addressed so that change can follow. Cultural biased marks one of the SAT’s greatest issues. For years now, parents, including my own, have enrolled their children into SAT study courses. These almost mandatory courses are often taught by private institutions, and teach students how to obtain high marks on the SAT. Many parents would love not to enroll their children into these courses for financial reasons, but do so anyway so that their children have a greater chance to succeed on the test, and ultimately, get accepted into a prestigious university. Many families however, are unable to enroll their…

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