Essay The Problem With Foster Care

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Thousands of children are placed in foster care each year and the majority of them enter the system due to neglect or abuse. All of these children need to deal with the rejection and separation of their parents and sometimes that causes other issues that make the child more vulnerable. A problem sometimes with foster care is that it becomes a revolving door, having the child more back and forth from foster home to their biological parents and back again (Karger & Stoesz, 2014). This causes not only confusion but emotional trauma for these children. That isn’t the only issue with foster care in some cases however. There have been cases where children have been maltreated, which ends up bringing them back to what they thought they were away from. There was a case down in Auburn, MA about a toddler who was placed in foster care and he was found in critical condition. With more investigation, it was found another child in that same foster home had died not long before. Also, there was a report that was found that this child had lost over ten pounds which caused them to monitor him even closer (Levenson, 2015). There are other cases where children are found mistreated in their foster home. This type of news is shocking to many people, since foster homes are supposed to be safe for children and keep them from neglect. A study was done by Baker, A., et. Al (2013) that looked into youth that were in the foster care system. They wanted to measure the children’s reports on their…

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