The Problem With Boys, And By Mariah Burton Nelson Essay

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Equality Revolution Using stereotypes to categorize groups of people tends to be more detrimental than beneficial, for not just the groups themselves, but for society as a whole. This is detrimental because people typically want to stay within the boundaries of their stereotype to be considered normal or accepted, therefore avoiding the confrontation of judgment by society. In the essays written by Tom Chiarella, "The Problem With Boys," and by Mariah Burton Nelson, " I Won. I 'm Sorry," both authors address the problems with stereotypes based on gender. Chiarella and Nelson take on different angles on the argument of gender equality. As a result, Chiarella and Nelson use various arguments to explain the similar hindrance of stereotypes on individuals, the difficulty of surpassing stereotypes, how society needs to change, whose responsible for these problems, and who needs to fix these issues. Both Chiarella and Nelson similarly argue that stereotypes placed upon each gender is unhealthy. Furthermore, stereotypes hinders an individual 's advancement to better their life. When Nelson discusses the dilemma that tall women face when trying not to appear taller than their boyfriends, by refraining from high heels, she metaphorically places this exact example into how women deal with men and success. Nelson explains: "(Women) want to win- to achieve, to reach new heights- but without exceeding male heights" (Nelson 120). This feeling of not being able to reach higher than men…

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