The Problem Of The Human Body Essay

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From a young age, I 've always been fascinated by how electronics work and have spent time tinkering with many of the gadgets I 've owned over the years. Whether it be servicing my laptop or repairing my phone. I eventually progressed to repairing friend 's and colleague 's computers as well. After hearing what the issue is I start to go through in my mind what the problem might be. I think about the problem and decide whether it might be a software or hardware issue, and then proceed with testing and repairing. To me the entire process of understanding, deciphering and eventually 'curing ' the issue was very appealing. The human body is essentially a series of components linked together to accomplish a plethora of functions, which at times also needs to be repaired.
My father, who is an interventional cardiologist, was the first and only doctor in the whole family tree before me. His stories of long working hours, sleepless nights and years of struggle were enough to persuade my two elder brothers to completely abandon any thought of a medical career. However, in high school I was fascinated by my father 's work and was thrilled when he let me observe a cardiac catheterization being done by him. I was enthralled by the skill and precision with which he was able to navigate the catheters through the vessels. His passion and determination was almost palpable and I started dreaming of becoming a doctor from there on, imagining myself that one day I might create the same…

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