Essay on The Problem Of The Education

1013 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
The education today is something that you can 't even describe because it is so messed up that one day all the schools will shut down because there are so many problems nowadays with the students getting out of control or drugs in the school or threats to the school. But the big problem of the education is how so many students that go to school but don 't have the right education and the other problems is that many students drop out of high school or don 't even finish school or their parents are not involved because they don 't feel like it or they don 't care want their kids do with their life 's . The most important one of them all MONEY if you don 't have that you won 't get far with the education system today because that 's what school depend on. There are some teachers in the that just don 't care about the student 's education because they just want to earn their money and leave. there are students that just don 't care about their education and they just come to school to do nothing or get in trouble. The education works good if the schools have money if they don 't the schools will not work good at all. The schools that are closing down put all their students in other schools making that school over crowder and when students that are in need of help on their grades or just need help the teachers can 't because the school is getting over crowded and it makes learning a lot harder because there are so many students in the schools because so…

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