The Myth Of The American Dream

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America has taken great pride in the myth of the “American Dream”. People from all over the world come to our country for great opportunities and the freedom they desire but do they do not know the underlining problems that Americans face. If only those people could walk a week in our shoes to understand the overwhelming conflict we face in our day to day lives before making the decision to move to the United States of America. The hostility that the country has created for Americans has corrupted our society due to the lack of education, the experience of inequality and financial crisis. Education has always been a key structural item to build up the United States to have a better future but unfortunately when adults who are examples to these …show more content…
Our school system has taken a back burner to more important than being able to receive the funding and the required materials to share the knowledge that is needed. Teachers and Schools are being unappreciated while the members of the government receive hefty paychecks. “In 1999 one- quarter of the U.S. public schools reported that the conditions of at least one of their building was inadequate” (Moore 130). The governments wants the educational system to work but how when they give these schools nothing to work with. “ in New York almost 15 percent of the eleven hundred public schools are without full-time custodians, forcing teachers to mop their own floors and students to do without toilet paper” (Moore 130). Children and teachers in schools should be focused on the material that is being thought for the day not cleaning up the school and providing personal hygiene items. The political leaders put such pressure on the teachers to raise the standardized testing score but give them nothing to work with. “The person who cares for our child every day receives an average of $41,351 annually. A Congressman who cares only about which tobacco lobbyist is taking him to dinner …show more content…
Money determines the health and welfare of people and type of life one lives. Money pretty much makes the world go round. America is the seventh richest country in world according Forbes, so how comes the government cannot take care of us like they say they will financially? “The wealthiest 1 percent of the american population holds 34 percent of the total national wealth. that is, they own over one-third of all the consumer durables (such as houses, cars, and stereos) and financial assets (such as stocks, bonds, property, and savings ac- counts). the richest 20 percent of americans hold nearly 85 percent of the total household wealth in the country”(Mantsios 284). America has a hierarchy of people who are enjoying life with no care while 3.5 million people experience homelessness in any given year. We need our annual incomes to be raised to an obtainable amount for Americans to abstain their lifestyle for themselves and their family. People need to be able to pay their bills and be secure with their jobs. America needs to start putting spreading the money around instead of have individual sitting at the top with

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