Essay about The Problem Of Teenagers ' Suicide

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The problem of teenagers’ suicide is one of the most burning social problems nowadays. For the past years the statistics shows us the fact that the rate of young people who committed a suicide in the Developed countries is growing rapidly, who knows how to solve the problems and prevent further growing and what are the reasons for such a behavior.
“The disease control agency’s analysis found that in 2004 there were 4,599 suicides in Americans ages 10 to 24, up from 4,232 in 2003, for a rate of 7.32 per 100,000 people that age. In the years before that, the rate had dropped to 6.78 per 100,000 in 2003 from 9.48 per 100,000 in 1990” (Carey, 2007). The statistics is deplorable and give a lot of thoughts. So why do the young people who have so many wonderful times ahead are committing a suicide?
There are so many indicators in the behavior of teenager that could help their parents or friend to recognize the suicide threat in a dear person. “Many warning signs and symptoms of teen suicide feelings are similar to those of depression. Parents should be aware of warning signs. If they see the signs, they should talk to the child about their concerns, and seek professional help. These signs include: Change in eating and sleeping habits, withdrawal from friends, family, and regular activities, violent or rebellious behavior, or running away, drug and alcohol abuse, unusual neglect of personal appearance, radical personality change, persistent boredom, difficulty concentrating, or a…

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