Essay about The Problem Of Pet Adoptions

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Different Species, Similar Pain
Many would agree there isn’t anything cuter than a plump, furry kitty. But apparently potential pet owners require a bit more “tugging” to put things in perspective as a recent advertisement by The Shelter Pet Project suggests. By tugging, I’m referring the to the “heart strings” of the audience. The ad features a somewhat large, orange cat looking into a bathroom mirror. Nothing too peculiar about that image right? Wrong. The text of the ad, ‘Does this fur make me look fat?’ is within a cloud shaped thought bubble followed by the claim ‘There’s nothing wrong with shelter pets.’ Joined with the uncertainty and sadness of the cat’s reflection; the ad depends heavily on the emotional connection these thoughts conjure up to encourage pet adoptions from their particular organization.
The Humane Society of the United States, The Ad Council and Maddie’s Fund, a prominent producer of public service advertising campaigns, collaborated to create The Shelter Pet Project. The union is focused on ‘breaking down misconceptions surrounding shelter pets’ ( to ultimately increase shelter adoptions by discouraging cautiousness as a result of vanity-based rationale. Their website is an oasis of warm adoption stories and similar advertisements featuring the thought bubbles. Some are print ads, or similar to this piece, feature different animals with similar insecurities. Others showcase different endearing adoption stories and videos…

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