The Problem Of High School System Essay

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Every year there are over 1.2 million students drops out of high school in the United States, That’s is a student dropping out every every 26 seconds or 7000 students a day. The dropout rate has decreased by 3 percent from 1990 to 2010, and is still decreasing each year. The current dropout rates is 71 percent. The problem in the school system is that the dropout rate isn’t decreasing enough, the school systems in the United States isn’t implementing enough programs to promote students graduating. Students is constantly dropping out in school due to poverty, family problems, and failure in previous grades. There are 44 percent students in the school system that is living in poverty. Students that lives in poverty had the biggest drop out rate. Studies has proven students that lack food and sleep are most likely to not perform well in school due to distress. The minority groups that is affected by poverty consist of mostly Hispanics and African Americans. In Chicago public schools, 39 percent of black students graduated by the age of 19.Unlike Hispanics whose graduation rate is at 51 percent and whites at 58 percent. With students lacking the necessities in life it causes students to do illegal activities or get jobs to provide for them and their families instead of going school. This causes family problems in the students’ lives. With not having the necessities the students needs and have additional family problems, it can affect the student psychologically, The family…

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