The Problem Of Hazing Among Students Essay

1392 Words May 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Adam was changing after football practice, when he was ambushed and taped to a chair. Four seniors made the decision to push him into the crowded gym. Adam thought nothing of the situation. He figured they would push him in and untape him, but that was not the case. The seniors thrust the door open and flung the chair into the room. The wheels hit the metal threshold and Adam went airborne six feet. When he hit the ground he screamed and felt blood on his chin. His jaw had been fractured (qtd. in Egan and Dempsey). Adam’s story is one of many, and to some families, Adam got off lucky. It is easy for hazing to become out of hand, and in some cases has left families childless. The tradition has been passed down through generations and has affected millions of people. Many times, older players feel that they can misuse their authority over new players to force them into acts of humiliation. Typically, coaches do not address the problem of hazing among their teams and so the problem keeps developing. Unfortunately, the combination of abuse of power, denial, and common beliefs have made it difficult to terminate the issue. In Adam’s case, his coach did nothing to prevent hazing beforehand and faced the consequences. To put it simply, because hazing in sports creates animosity among players and can be potentially life threatening, coaches need to pay closer attention to their players and ensure that no hazing is taking place. By working against these common problems, an end…

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