The Problem Of Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control in America It is obvious that a gun can’t grow legs and shoot itself. Why do so many think this way? It is because a lot of people do not use their brain. According to Ashley Fantz, Lindsey Knight, and Kevin Wang the “U.S averages 1 shooting every 5 weeks” (Fantz, Knight, and Wang). This statistic is one reason that gun control has become a well-known problem in the United States and will remain until we apply several basic solutions. Although, there are many solutions to fix the problem of gun control only a few in my opinion will work One solution for gun control is we should inform children and teens how to use weapons properly. Parents at home should discuss the safest ways to handle a gun. One of the best places to discuss gun safety is at the dinner table. Although some parents aren’t familiar with guns or gun safety it is easy to get information on the subject. If one types in the phrase “How to efficiently teach teens or children about gun safety” in a google browser hundreds of website will pop up. Also schools can provide a seminar for students to attend and learn gun safety. Although, according to ABC News “It’s much harder to agree on just what kids should be taught about gun safety or whether gun education programs have any affect at all”(HREF). In my opinion any knowledge a child or teen learns from a gun safety seminar will affect the decision a child or teen makes when deciding to pick up a gun. A second solution for gun control is…

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