Essay on The Problem Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Lewis 2 GMOs have the potential to do multiple things. For those of you that may not know GMOS (or Genetically modified organisms) are organisms that have been created through gene splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering, or GE). They are a safe way to slow down pollution and use less land in crop production. GMOs also provide many health benefits, and could also be a leading cause in ending world hunger. Currently many people are opposing GMOs because GMOs are a relatively young concept, and they believe GMOs only benefit the consumer. Many restrictions on GMOs are unintelligent and foolish because there are so many ways that GMOs can benefit planet earth and all its organisms. Courses states that “With an ever increasing global population, massive third world hunger, and an estimation like that a child dies for every two seconds of world starvation”(Courses 1). This shows that starvation is still a huge problem in the world even in the twentieth century. There are two ways that GMOs could help solve the problem of starvation. One way is so food is able to last longer. Francie Diep from Popular science stated that “Artic Grannys and arctic goldens are modified so that they will last longer after being sliced” (Diep 1). This could highly benefit the starving folks, because after they cut their food, or expose it to the air, it will last longer and it will be easier to save. The difference in maybe being to save food for a…

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