The Problem Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

1009 Words Dec 23rd, 2014 5 Pages
Have you ever seen meat, vegetables, fruits, or other processed foods that looks larger than it usually does? Would you believe me if these tiny organisms that is going into our food and down our stomachs even into our systems are highly toxic? Well then, I have recently found out that the most produced goods that contains GMO’s are corn, if I’m not mistaken apparently corn is now in every product, for example, corn syrup, candy, animal food, children’s diapers, even in some of our medicines. Before I go into further detail, let me explain to you more about these horrible, ugly, little things.
In the past few years, these called Genetically Modified Organisms have been added into every food source in the market. These things are tiny little organisms are not new they have been around for quite a while now for about centuries at this time, it is usually in a lot of processed foods like Cheetos, candy, cereals, juices, meat, dairy, etc. the list goes on. Scientists have injected lab rats with Genetically Modified Organisms, you would not believe how disgusting it is in the photo it shows a rat with a large tumor-like-ball on the side of its head. The scientists reported that the GMO’s have caused this and the rat to have digestive problems in its stomach (good job creator of the chemical, good job). Have you noticed that farmers have acres and acres of corn? Farmers plant corn because it is easy to sell as well as it being in every product. Non-GMO farmers acted fast they…

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