Essay on The Problem Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Did you know that “since the introduction of GMOs in the mid-1990s, the number of food allergies have sky-rocketed, and health issues such as autism, digestive problems and reproductive disorders are on the rise?” Genetically modified crops are causing unnatural and unhealthy outcomes. What exactly are genetically modified crops you ask? People always wonder about the effects of genetically modified foods but they don’t even know what they are. Genetically modified organisms are foods that contain foreign genes from other organisms in its genetic code and its purpose is to speed up the process of selective breeding and introduce substances into these foods. The process of genetic engineering began in 1994 and since then has been used primarily on cash crops with high demand such as soybean, corn and canola. Although GM foods can decrease starving populations by supplying them with new nutrients, the foods are a risk to the health of humans the environment and the economy, and ultimately should not be used in the global food supply.

GMO companies’ hurt the livelihood of other farmers through processes such as cross-contamination. Large companies use patents to garner monopolies, which they then use to increase the price of their seeds. Natural processes such as cross-pollination often bring in GMO seeds into nearby farmers who unbeknownst to them nurture these plants. However large GMO companies rather than apologize sue farmers. For example, winds pushed pollen from GM…

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