The Problem Of English Proficiency Essay

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of the population is at a disadvantage on this one issue of proficiency. This is not only a disadvantage to those affected but to the world itself due to the interconnectedness of the world in which we live in.
Economic Aptitude Despite having the cognitive capability in a subject that they have been thoroughly educated on, such immigrants are unable to the economic opportunities that they are capable of due to the language barrier. Therefore English proficiency can be seen as a variable in the equation to calculate economic aptitude. determinants of English-language proficiency include cultural and other traits that U.S. immigrants acquire either at birth or while growing up in their home countries, the human capital and other endowments they possess at the time they migrate to the United States, and the skills and other experiences they accumulate after their arrival in this country. Based on data from the November 1989 Current Population Survey, results confirm that both pre- and post-immigration phases of the life cycle contain elements that are associated with how well immigrants to the United States speak English.(Ackard)
The results of the studies conducted show that after the variables of marriage and education, English proficiency is the next main determinant of income for immigrants (Sandford). Furthermore it is known that success in the labor market is transmitted from parents to children (Bowles 3), the advantages gained from successful parents will enrich the…

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