Essay on The Problem Of Drug Abuse Resistance Education

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Back in 1983, there was a program founded in Los Angeles that had spread throughout the country in little to no time. This program was otherwise known as D.A.R.E. which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education and what the program did was give advice and teach skills to younger children that are necessary in order to avoid drugs, gangs, violence, and things of that nature that will come about in future of most children (DARE). The problem is that 1983 is over 32 years ago, and the D.A.R.E program that once was in full swing, unfortunately has little to no impact on the children anymore. Something needs to be done to help.
Drugs have been around for years on end, but what is astonishing is the variety of drugs that are out there. It is endless, there are new drugs introduced everywhere all the time. There is your typical drugs such as cigarettes and cocaine, but currently you have drugs such as bath salts and molly being added into the mix. It is important that teenagers know of and are educated on the fact that these drugs are nothing to joke about.
In the beginning D.A.R.E seemed to show a lot of success, it was the first program to do what it does in the entire world (America). Word spread rapidly and then moving on from Los Angeles it spread like wildfire to states all over the country. in the 1990s a survey was held resulting in a decline of 13 percent in teen drug abuse after the D.A.R.E program was up and running (Lynam). That is a huge step for our country and led…

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