The Problem Of Aging Population Essay

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The global population becomes older and older and it seems, produces a series of issues for society. In the last century, some countries, particularly developed countries, have shifted policy in the direction of low fertility. Combined with the advances in medical technology, people get better assistance, which improves the average age within a short period of time. As a result, people are happy and live longer. However, aging population problem has emerged. Although medical advances and better healthcare improved life expectancy age, the world’s population is steadily becoming older, which can bring negative results for society.

It is widely believed that the aging population is not causing any problem, but benefits for everyone because of better medical technology. It is human nature that makes people love to live long or even externally. The best healthcare and having an older life have become the most important things to them. People never care about the problems caused by aging. They only care about avoiding death. When people can live until 75 years old, they would like to live ten more years because they can just have a new thought that 75 years is not long enough. It seems that people change their goals when they achieve the one they set before. Nevertheless, the elderly can increase the burden of government. At the moment, funds and resources put in medical equipment and the welfare system by government are considerable. When the elderly become ever older, frequent…

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