Essay on The Problem Based On School Violence

908 Words Apr 13th, 2016 4 Pages
There has been a lot of conflict over the fact that guns are being carried and allowed in public places. Now a days because of all the conflicts, for example the ones that Bowling for Columbine shows, the gun controversy has increased, especially in schools. There are many pin points for the occurrence of gun violence. The two most common are abuse, association with gangs, and guns. Schools imply laws that try to prevent these events from happening and protecting the youth from danger in schools. The problem has become a major factor that now before entering school you are required to go through a metal detector and security to ensure the protection of students and the staff. Also, securities are now placed in schools as well for the good and protection of the students. Many school officials and citizens state that they are convinced that the growing problems of the students’ behavior and lack of respect for authorities is a reflection on how students are being raised. I believe that the problem based on school violence has to do mainly when a student is involved in a gang or simply because they do not have the enough discipline to know right from wrong and how their actions can affect many around them. The rise in weapons, guns, and violence in schools has brought huge attention to the need to take reasonable steps to try and minimize this increasing problem. This problem does not have a solution, but there are actions that can be done in order to decrease this mayor…

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