The Privilege, Power, And Difference Article Essay

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As a male I have many advantages over women, and I usually go throughout my day without even noticing one. The Privilege, Power, and Difference article gave many examples of how men have advantages, for example “Men can reasonably expect that if they work hard and ‘play by the rules’ they’ll get what they deserve and feel justified in complaining if they don’t.”(Johnson, Pg. 29) This demonstrates how men do have it easier than women, because it is true that if men do work hard they have a high chance of succeeding. On the other hand, women feel that even if they work hard it might not get them anywhere. This is where privilege comes into play, because us men have the privilege of knowing that people will take us serious enough to the extent where we are confident that are abilities will be acknowledged. This one example among countless other privileges that exact in society is what discourages so many people from following what they want to do in life or from even trying. This idea of conferred dominance is what makes advancing in society for subordinates that much harder, since the dominant group will always feel like they have the upper hand.
Feeling threatened while strolling by myself and having certain advantages over women are exemplary instances of how I am affected by privileges and unequal citizenship as a black male. African Americans are prime candidates for ethnicities that are targeted for unequal citizenship. Going about your day without a fear should not be…

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