Advantages Of White Privilege Essay

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White Privilege White privilege is the idea that whites have a particular advantage in society over the minority groups in terms of social, political or economic situations. White privilege advantages whites in many ways. The most important way I feel that white privilege advantages whites in that they may never have to worry about getting in trouble with the law enforcement officers over unnecessary things. For example, with the Sandra Bland case, the officer that arrested her was put on administrative duties for not following proper traffic procedures. If Sandra Bland were white, she maybe wouldn’t have been arrested for an accused assault, or she probably would have been let off on a warning for her traffic violation. White privilege acts as a system of oppression against the members of the various minority groups in our society, blacks and Hispanics to be exact. In the job …show more content…
I noticed growing up that my parents stress perseverance and self confidence to me more than my white friends’ parents did. I think that America is a racist society but society doesn’t necessarily know that it is. I feel that there has been so much racism in the past centuries that it is just engraved in the ancestry that people are involuntary racist. The fact that white privilege is even a real concept is what makes this America a racist society. I define racism as the voluntary attempt to oppress a group, whether that may be name-calling, or just discrimination in the job world or economic status. Racism is a personal, individual mindset. Racism is taught. No one is born racist, so it is only how that person is taught to think about things. Another reason why I think that racism is an individual mindset because even though a person’s family may be racist, but that said person could be accepting of

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