The Pathology Of White Privilege By Peggy Mcintosh And Tim Wise

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The Concealed Privileges White privilege is a set of privileges that white people benefit from on a daily basis. It is as if doesn 't exist because it is camouflaged into society and is the sole reason why the United States is not a free country. It has long been a critical issue in our society and while many people have brought the topic to attention, only Peggy McIntosh and Tim Wise have been able to initiate it successfully. They present the image of white privilege in hopes of influencing other white people to open their eyes and take responsibility. They also warn that remaining oblivious to this issue fuels the ignorance that is already widespread among the white community. In his lecture "The Pathology of White Privilege", Tim Wise presents the idea of white privilege, explains its origins, and how it can be eliminated. He begins by talking about the issues of racism, discrimination, and white privilege that have been increasing rapidly, but the awareness of it is rather absent in politics and culture. According to him, these issues in the past have been frequently worshipped by many politicians in a negative manner to neglect the class issues and to gain power in certain fields. Nowadays, many political candidates in the United States talk about many issues such as poverty, housing, education, and healthcare, but rarely talk …show more content…
Recognizing white privilege can be beneficial in the long run, but if one is not careful, it can result into a lot of problems. White people should be intelligent enough to make decisions that won’t lead up to the issues of racism, discrimination, and white privilege. However, not everyone uses sound judgment when it comes to recognizing white privilege. Action needs to be taken now to prevent these catastrophes from happening in the future before it becomes almost impossible once racism and discrimination advances beyond

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