The Principles Of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Essay

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2Choose one of the six listed Principles of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. State the principle.
a. Read the reference accompanying the principle. In one paragraph summarize the reference’s key points as they relate to the principle.

The reference that will be summarize is Shared Decision Making and Medication Management in the Recovery Process written by Patricia Deegan Ph.D. and Robert E. Drake, M.D., Ph.D. In the past individuals were expected to be compliant with treatment plans assigned to them by their practitioners. These interventions would often ignore how it made the individual felt or how the treatment affected their lives. Practitioners would measure success of the intervention on symptom reductions and would not worry about the cost it had on the individual’s emotions or personal life. This expected compliance and not involving the individual in the treatment plan caused many problems. People would stray off the treatment plan, because they felt their feelings and concerns were being ignored and this caused them to become disempowered. Because the practitioners ignored how the treatment was affecting the individual social/emotionally, treatment plans were often not followed for these reasons: the individual would alter how they would take their medications because they felt that their treatment was worst than the symptoms, they would only have used the medication when their symptoms were present, or they would stop taking the medications due to fear of…

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