The Principles Of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Essay example

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1. Choose one of the Principles of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. State the principle.
a)Read the reference accompanying the principle. In one paragraph summarize the reference’s key points as they relate to the principle.
The article that will be summarize in this answer will be Making the Case for Peer Support’ Report to the Mental Health Commission of Canada Mental Health Peer Support Project Committee. This journal is about the principle and value of peer support. The authors in this report believes that people who have experienced mental illness and gain a state of recovery can be a benefit to others who are starting their journey. Peer support is a benefit because it has the ability to promote one’s belief in themselves, but also provides the person with a support network that helps with symptom reduction and an improve quality of life. The person will no longer feels alone in their journey to achieve recovery because they will have the support of the group and the person will come to understand that others have come from the same place in their mental illness where this person is at and that many have achieve an improvement in their life. Some of the benefits of peer supports stated in this journal is that it can reduce reliance on professional mental health services and can save the system money. The article has show evidence that peer support is linked
• Reductions in hospitalizations for mental health problems,
• Reductions in ‘symptom’ distress,
• Improvements…

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