The Principles Of God 's Holiness Essay

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God made a covenant with the people of Israel long before they were freed from Egypt. He promised to bless them and give them the land of Canaan. He desired to be their God—to lead them and guide them all the days of their lives. As in the words of Desmond Alexander, “God does not compel them to enter into this covenant relationship but graciously offers them the opportunity to become his chosen people” (Alexander 210).
And because of God’s holiness, and having delivered his people from slavery in Egypt, he will need to prepare them for a whole new way of living. As one pastor said, “God took his people out of Egypt and now he needed to take the Egypt out of them.” Therefore, Exodus chapter twenty though twenty-three lay out the stipulations of establishing and maintaining God’s covenant with his people. In order for God to bless them, they would need to worship him only and treat one another as God instructs. Therefore, the Ten Commandments become the basis of God’s requirements and the book of the Covenant instructs the people further on how each commandment is to be lived out in day to day living. This being the case, the Ten Commandments and the book of the Covenant are similar in their content; yet differ in delivery and style. First of all, both the Ten Commandments and the book of the Covenant contain many of the same themes and stipulations. Gary Schnittjer rightly observes, “The two collections of instruction had distinct character but rightly belong side by side…

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