Essay about The Principles Of Goal Setting

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Health care is one of the sectors that will always be considerably affected by the rapid developments of technology. Healthcare delivery systems has been constantly changing, remodeled and structured since the introduction of the electronic health records. With the electronic health records replacing paper based documentation, Health Information Service (HIS) departments have been applying organizational changes and job redesign to motivate healthcare information professionals to work smarter rather than harder. (Layman, 2011). With the additional responsibilities that accompany implementing electronic health records, health information employees can suffer from work overload and inconsistency in productivity. Thus, HIS departments are changing their goals and planning how to achieve them. This paper analyzes the principles of goal setting and the principles, outcomes and impact of job enrichment applied by the HIS departments on motivating the health care information professional employees.
Like any other skill, goal setting requires planning and training to become efficient toward accomplishing the goals. By applying these five research based principles you will considerably increase the chances of achieving your goals. Dr. Edwin Locke pioneered the research of goal setting theory and identified five main principles of potent goal setting, which are Clarity, Challenge, Commitment, Feedback and Task complexity. (Amber, 2015). First, clarity is all about knowing specifically…

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