The Principles Of Goal Setting Applied Essay

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The following is a description of the way I understood the task, I have read the theme, and the finding I found is this. I hope to have learned what I am now describing.
How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case?
Leaders can examine their departments ' alignment to achieve organizational goals at four different levels. In terms of scope, from most extensive to least extensive, these four levels are re-engineering, restructuring, work redesign, and job redesign. Indicators for Realignment
In HIS Departments, work changes over time. Changes in work include its nature of work, its flow and scheduling, relationships among workers, technologies, policies and procedures, volumes of tasks, and types of tasks. Changes in work can result from events or changes in the pace of tasks or services.
Managers and directors of HIS Departments should routinely and periodically assess work and jobs for alignment with current processes. For this periodic assessment, managers and directors may use indicators of changes in work to determine whether a rearrangement is warranted. These indicators fall into three types: sector changes, organizational changes, and employees ' perceptions.
Sector changes
At the level of the healthcare sector, changes occur on an ongoing basis because of socioeconomic events, cultural shifts, new technologies, new or revised regulations, and new or revised accreditation or certification standards. One technological change at the sector level is the…

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