Essay about The Principles Of Effective Communication

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In this task I will explain the principles of effective communication and provide a few examples of each principle, as well as explaining the potential barriers of effective communication.
The communication relies on many different skills in three main areas, and they are as follow:
• General communication skills:

Cultural differences:

Cultural differences exist between people from different nationalities, or even between people from different cities.
These differences can lead to a massive misunderstanding that could have a bad consequences as a result.
The Misunderstanding can happen when people travel to different areas and use some hand gestures that might mean something not appropriate which may lead them into troubles that they don’t want.
Having a basic knowledge about cultural differences might help you to prevent any possible misunderstanding or embarrassment to yourself.


Adapting is a very important element and it plays a big role in effective communications.
Adapting helps to boost the communications and allow it to hit its highest level by making the communications easier to understand by the recipient.
In order to be able to adapt, the person who’s communicating need to know and absorb as much information about the audience or the receipt as possible.
This information can be used to adjust the way of communicating to the audience.
For example if happened to speak with someone, and suddenly noticed he’s special needs person who’s using hearing…

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