Essay about The Price Of The Ticket

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The Price of the Ticket
The Price of the Ticket analyzes the historic development of African Americans among the landscape of equality politically and socially. Frederick C. Harris provides an in-depth and realistic approach to the effects, sometimes negative, of having a successful election for the first black President of the United States. Harris also discusses the lack of action on behalf of blacks that many have expected to occur, with a black president. Although some claim that the election of Barack Obama was the “pinnacle of political empowerment” for black America, many believe that factors, such as the politics of respectability and the “wink, nod, and vote” agreement led to there being a severe “price of the ticket” for black America.
Throughout the history of black America, there has been a longstanding tradition in black politics. It is a tradition that Barack Obama utilized in his 2008 campaign that was hardly noticed by the media. This tradition in black politics was the politics of respectability. The politics of respectability essentially stems from the philosophy promulgated by black elites that, in order to progress the black race, it meant that the poor traits of the black poor had to be corrected. It began in 1903 when W. E. B. DuBois brought forth the concept of the “Talented Tenth.” The talented tenth was essentially the one-tenth of black America who possessed talent and knowledge. This talented tenth would then work to uplift the nine-tenths of black…

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