Essay On Gun Control In America

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“Gun” was not the word that I grew up hearing. For 20 years, I have only seen guns, maybe 50 feet away or virtually on the screen. But after moving in the United States, a gun looked like an accessory for most of the people. My friend has a gun, my neighbors have too. And the only insecurity that I felt is most people holds a gun and I do not. For a woman who was born and raised in a country like Nepal, America could look like a more established country where she could feel secure to walk alone at night. But this is not always the case. I have seen a racism to an extreme, few night ago while travelling back home. On a train, a racially identified as Black hit a women with a skateboard just because she is an Asian. Suddenly, a guy next …show more content…
More than 40 percent of Americans own guns. The statistics of percentage of Americans owing guns is not always true because they only represents the numbers of guns on the files. Out of 300 million populations, somewhere illegal guns exists which are yet to be counted. Next, he states that people focuses more on guns rather than behavior of American. He calls American behaves more violent than rest of the population in the world. Gun carries personal values to American which exhibits theirs freedom, patriotism, and strength. He focused how media and people are more involved in a gun story than focusing how a person gets a gun. He claimed that people are more comfortable to blame guns rather than examine their behaviors. Even, politicians seems to deal with the gun violence but haven’t figured out measures of gun control. He also addressed the point that gun laws are weaker than they were 20 years ago even it has increased violence. There is a lot of investment in gun control which cuts the investments for health, and education of the country. Further, he tells the reader that gun control should have cut the gun usage, but it has not referring gun to drugs. Therefore, gun control in America is not

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