The Prevalence Of Evidence Based Teaching Practices Essay

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Carter, Stephenson, and Strnadová (2011) surveyed Australian special education teachers to determine the prevalence of evidence-based teaching practices. Results indicated that the surveyed teachers use evidence-based practices as well as unproven or ineffective practices. In addition, Australian special education teachers use unproven or ineffective teachers practices more than their North American peers.
The authors were successful in corroborating an earlier study in the United States by producing very similar results in a previously un-surveyed population. This was accomplished by using the same survey instrument and administering it to a comparable population. However, the survey failed to take into account differences in how educators in Australia and North America define certain evidence-based practices. Because the survey instrument provided only a brief explanation of each educational practice differences in interpretation may exist. Therefore, Australian special educators may have incorrectly answered some survey questions. The study could have been improved by describing each of the educational practices in terms familiar to Australian educators.
Importance to Education This study is significant because it suggests that North American and Australian special educators may fail to consistently use evidence-based practices. Failure to implement evidence-based practices ultimately harms students who deserve the highest quality education possible.…

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