Essay on The Presidential Election Of Donald Trump

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The week following the presidential election of Donald Trump was particularly difficult for me. Although largely concerned of his fit for office, I was most concerned about how to address his presidency with the Latina students in my after-school program. I worried specifically about how they were handling his election in a county where over 60% of the electorate voted for someone whose primary platforms were mass deportation and wall construction. The Monday following the election, I walked into the classroom intent on ensuring the safety of my Latina mentees only to find that they had found it within themselves. The two girls, who I would later find out were cousins, demonstrated the kind of unconditional love and support that I hoped to encourage in the rest of the group. Somehow in this group, during this week, after this election, in this town; these children demonstrated resilience.
My research interests have always focused on the need to understand resiliency and developmental experiences as a function of community, racial and ethnic identity, and socioeconomic status. Through coursework in Pan-African studies and other diversity-related disciplines, I began to integrate my growing cultural understanding into my scholarship of psychology; often finding myself asking questions to which there were few answers. These questions led me to begin my formal research career as an undergraduate research assistant at the Cooperative for African American Family Excellence…

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