The Presidential Election : Donald Trump Essay

835 Words Apr 6th, 2016 4 Pages
The upcoming election this year will very interesting due given the massive amount of attention Republican candidate Donald Trump has been receiving regarding his opinions on policy and how radical they are. However due to the mass media attention he has obtained it is most likely that Donald Trump will win the presidential election this year due to the median voter theory, retrospective theory, and Trumps access to mass media.
The median voter theory suggest that candidates whose planned policies agree closely to the median voter, which is the average American, they will obtain more votes due to there being a higher percentage of people near the median resulting in that candidate obtaining more votes and thus leading to that candidate being elected. Using this theory the Trump appears to be closer to the median voter compared to the rest of the republic candidates due to his strong lead against the rest. While winning the party’s nominating is one thing, winning the election is another. Hillary Clinton will most likely win the Democratic nomination also, considering her tremendous lead over Bernie Sanders. After the nomination of course is when the median voter theory will really occur. In recent studies Republicans have become less extreme when it comes to their views while at the same time Democrats have become more extreme leading Republicans to be overall closer to the median voter. The medium voter theory does have reasons why some may call it inaccurate however, for…

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