Essay The Prejudices Against Muslims During Europe

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The Prejudices Against Muslims in Europe
Rifat Serin

One of the continuities in European History is prejudice against Islam and Muslims. This continuity has come from the idea of Europe. According to idea of Europe, the two of the enemies of the Europeans are the Ottomans and Islam. In this manner, the idea of Europe supported crusades attacks against Muslims in the past, and the concept of jihad appeared in the side of Muslims against non-Muslims. Of course, some of Muslims interpreted on jihad very aggressively that they aimed to kill non-Muslims, but most of Muslims did not have any aim like that. Today, Islamic terrorism has the concept of jihad against non-Muslims. Because of this, the Europeans have been afraid of jihad and its outcomes. Alec G. Hargreaves states that “two out of three” French answered the survey in “1992” that “they were” afraid of Muslims. Unfortunately, this fear came true in 2015 with a bomb attack in France. Of course, most of Muslims are good and peaceful, although Islamic terrorists have the idea of jihad with a hate against non-Muslims. Anthony Pagden states that “Muslim immigrants” have been misrepresented in Europe. It is agreeable that Islam has been misunderstood the Europeans, too, because they have judged all Muslims with this prejudice. Therefore, misunderstanding, prejudice, biases and hates against non-Muslims or Muslims should be eliminated by both Europeans and Muslims. Both Muslims and non-Muslims should try to understand each…

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