Essay on The Pregnancy Of Teenage Girls

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This child is likely to develop medical problems later on that will influence his or her academic achievement. Will the child, say, a girl, who is born to a young mother eventually become pregnant as an adolescent herself? The cycle of young motherhood is bound to repeat itself unless intervention occurs to aid the depression that is so prevalent within unplanned pregnancy.
Unplanned pregnancies among teenage girls will likely never resolve, so with that in mind, what is the next step? What can be the focus in order that one is not concentrating on the elimination of unplanned pregnancies, which is impossible, but rather an improvement in the wellbeing of the mothers who go through this depression, anxiety, and stress? If a safe environment, a consistent plan for aiding mental health, and better support systems to these young girls facing unplanned pregnancies can be provided, then the quality of life following those nine months would likely be greatly enhanced not only for the mother, but also for the child as well. Resources such as counseling, group therapy, and a local doctor who is familiar with and considerate of the circumstances could all be useful. Crisis pregnancy centers, such as Sav-A-Life, offer free pregnancy verification, parenting classes, pregnancy education, and emotional support. The Lifeline Village Maternity Home offers a safe living environment for young women from difficult places who are considering adoption while receiving medical services,…

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