Essay about The Power Of Wind Energy

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Wind energy was first created as early as the fourth century when Egyptians used wind to propel sailboats on the Nile River. Later in the ancient times, the windmills converted wind into mechanical power which was used to pump water and mill grain. During the twelfth century, post mills came about in England and France. These wooden machines were rotated by hand. In the fourteenth century, the tower mill was developed. This was a sturdier and larger windmill. The blades faced the wind and the grain would drop down into the base for storage. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, windmills have played an essential role in the United States. The windmills that were first built in the United States were built in the western and Great Plains regions of the United States. Many American farmers pumped water from underground, to the surface, by using a windmill. They then used this water for livestock, crop irrigation, and for human use also. “Between 1880 and 1930, approximately 6 million windmills were installed in the western United States and the Great Plains (Weber).”
For countries who are considering building windmills, there are many things they should think about before starting this process. The first to consider may be location. Available wind energy is usually higher near the coasts of very large lakes or islands. Available wind energy is high in the central plains region of the U.S. Energy is low throughout the Southeastern U.S. except for certain hills. Another key…

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