The Power Of A Computer Essay

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The Power to do More “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works.” Steve Jobs was right about how technology should be innovated. These days it is very difficult and quite mindboggling to make a decision on which laptop to buy. In this modern computer age, no one really wants to buy that desktop computer any more. There are so many different kinds of devices out there. A list of devices include: ipads, Android tablets, Windows tablets, smaller & more portable laptops, 2in1 laptops, Flipbooks, Chromebooks, MacBooks, the Microsoft Surface, and the list goes on forever. Then you are thinking to yourself, “What computer is best for me?” When I make a decision on what device I would buy, there are three significant things I look at. These include the specifications, the functionality, and the battery life. The laptop that you should have is the Dell Inspiron 11.6” i3147, it is the best one out there. This Dell laptop is excellent for anything and everything you would ever want in a device. So let’s investigate this brilliant machine. When I weigh the options on buying a laptop, the first thing I look at are the specifications. This Dell Inspiron is top notch and meets all of my satisfactions. The processor in this laptop runs the fourth generation Intel Core i3 clocked at 1.90GHz. This processor is so powerful for this size of a device. It has the power to run power-draining games and heavy usage of multitasking with ease. The new generation…

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